Test Markup in QA Automation

20/07/2021 को प्रकाशित
Ivan Varivoda, QA Automation Technical Leader at Wrike, tells about test markup in QA Automation, in which cases it is useful, and how you can implement it in your project.

0:16 Ivan’s introduction - more than 5 years in QA Automation and motorcycles
0:42 Some info about our large and complex application - views, daily deploys, and more than 1.4M code lines
1:23 Running tests before each deploy
1:52 Feature and unit testing
2:26 Test markup. Which tests should we run during the feature testing phase and how can we understand how to launch them?
2:40 How to use Allure framework to markup tests
3:26 Allure report demo
3:48 How to understand which suit checks the exact application? Allure annotations
5:32 How to run tests using Allure annotations?
6:56 Unobvious bonus of tests mark up
7:38 Summary

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