Smoke Tests Suite Generation

20/07/2021 को प्रकाशित
-Stanislav Davydov, QAA Tech Lead at Wrike, shares our story: how we managed to run fewer tests and how you can automate your work.

Time codes:
0:10 Stanislav’s introduction - 7 years at Wrike and 126 parachute jumps
0:27 How not to run extra tests?
1:09 Smoke Suite
1:22 Wrike Software Development Cycle
2:08 The algorithm for building the Smoke Suite
3:06 Logic behind the scenes
4:09 IDEA plugin PSI
4:48 How to use markup plugin

Make your own an intelliJ IDEA plugin for smoke tests markup:
Or download the prepared one:

Videos mentioned in the presentation:
- IntelliJ IDEA in QA Automation:
- Test Markup in QA Automation:

Other 10 mins of… videos:
Allure Integration at Wrike:
Test Markup in QA Automation:
Autotests Run Optimization with IDEA Plugin:
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