Pyjama talk #8: Women in Tech, Rust in Tech and cultural differences with Carol Nichols OR Goulding

12/03/2021 को प्रकाशित
This time we will talk about two completely opposite topics: Women in Tech and Rust. Or are they? We will see 🤷‍♀️, because our guests are:

Carol Nichols OR Goulding ( Carols10cents​ ), Founder
@Integer32LLC. Core team. Co-author of The Rust Programming Language book & Rust in Motion videos

Alёna Yuryeva ( nimfetrisa​ ), Software Engineer at Monocodus | STEM Educator, member of Rust community
Learn, be inspired, and connect with others working to advance inclusion in the technology industry at the Women in Tech conference by Manning
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Time codes:

0:22 - Your discount from Manning publishing and Pyjama Talks
1:07 - Welcome our guests Carol Nichols OR Goulding and Alёna Yuryeva
2:00 - Carol’s way to the software world
3:28 - Alena's story
5:07 - Diversity in IT: several years ago and nowadays
9:47 - Rust language and Rust community specifics
12:43 - Toxicity of IT communities - is it a stereotype?
16:42 - Popularity of the Rust Community
18:25 - How to ‘sell’ Rust to your tech managers
20:34 - Can you choose Rust to be your first programming language?
24:18 - Future of Rust
25:30 - To join the Rust community you need…