Pyjama Talk #9: How to give IT up and become a successful youtube blogger with Vadim Babeshkin

29/03/2021 को प्रकाशित
This episode is about diving - an acrobatic jump from an IT career into the professional sport of cliff diving and a trending video blog (vlog).

Vadim switched from a successful IT path (he worked as a product and project manager) to his childhood dream of a big, professional sport. After several years of cliff diving and a lot of competitions, he ran his own water jump vlog and gained more than 2.5 million subscribers ( ).

Time codes

0:35 - Who is Vadim
1:40 - Vadim’s IN-cd channels about diving
4:25 - At what point of the career Vadim decided to quit his job and become a youtuber
6:51 - How Vadim became a professional diver
8:11 - What Vadim did as a president of Saint Petersburg Diving Federation
8:39 - How Vadim started cliff diving career
9:01 - Why Vadim didn’t attend world high diving championship and what he decided to do instead of it
12:38 - The day when Vadim understood that he is no longer efficient at his main job because of IN-cd activities
14:08 - European championship and crowdfunding campaign. Crazy achievements start from crazy dreams
17:31 - Safe and stable work in IT VS working in a competitive blogging industry
19:31 - Making a production company and future goals
21:16 - What is the most important thing in running a successful IN-cd blog
22:41 - Is there any way of cheating IN-cd algorithms
24:00 - Vadim’s experiment with the format of his videos and why IN-cd stopped showing it to the audience