Pyjama Talk #12: Shelley Lambert, Red Hat: Developing quality open source and growing food forests

15/04/2021 को प्रकाशित
Discussion about software testing, open-source solutions, open java JDK, and food foresting with Shelley Lambert, Software Manager from Red Hat ( ShelleyMLambert ), Eugeny Kot, and Vasily Sozykin from Wrike.

Time codes:
0:35 Shelley’s introduction. Experience in IBM and Red Hat.
2:25 Why software testing isn’t boring. Will QA Automation defeat Manual QA?
4:23 T-shaped QA developer - what is it?
5:36 Speed and Quality trade-off in Startup era. How to evaluate risks?
9:37 How to prioritize work when you’re creating an open-source product
12:09 How to test backward compatibility in Java JDK
14:02 If you have to test software for a spaceship what will you do?
15:20 Is it good or evil to test in a production environment?
17:19 Is the testing pyramid suitable enough for testing microservices?
18:41 There’s no border between QA and Development
20:37 Open-Source solutions vs home-made bicycles
25:36 Food forests - Shelley’s passion hobby. What is it?
27:02 Managers, developers, and apple trees. Several words about happiness.