Pyjama Talk #13: Jane Honey, Intercom: The mixture of art and science in product management

7/06/2021 को प्रकाशित
Discussion about hiring product managers, key skills, mapping the expectations, measuring the success, and getting a kick off the result of your work as a PM with Jane Honey, Senior Product Director from Intercom, and Anton Danilov, Director of Product Management from Wrike.

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Time codes:
0:20 Introducing our guests: Anton Danilov, Director of Product Management (Wrike), and Jane Honey, Senior Product Director (Intercom)
0:37 What is Wrike and what Anton a Director of Product is doing at Wrike
1:35 Wrike’s killer feature
2:38 What is Intercom
3:59 What Jane does at Intercom as a Product Director
5:16 Intercom’s killer feature
6:21 Key skills of a product manager. What distinguishes product managers from other managers
8:57 How much time does it take a product manager to get used to the new company and the new product? How to assess a new member of the team?
11:42 Does it make sense to hire Junior Product Managers. Associate product management program at Wrike
14:21 How to help a senior product manager to grow and develop? Performance review and growth plan
16:36 How to understand if the person is successful as a product manager? How to distinguish a senior PM and a principle PM
18:41 What is the best ratio between bureaucracy and art in the product management
20:25 Is it a good idea to assign the fiscal impact to a product manager’s work
23:24 The result of PM’s job. How to get a kick when you have long term plans and a never ending list of problems to solve

PM career ladder at Intercom: