Pyjama Talk #11: Danijela Nandi - Building the right things and building the things right

26/03/2021 को प्रकाशित
Our guest - Daniejela Nandi, Senior Product manager at Citrix
The 40 mins dialogue about product management and engineering bridges, work culture in remote times and pixel empathy, measurement of risk in different countries, and future IT trends.

Long story short from the anthropologist and the psychologist, the engineer and the product manager, the lady and the Cat 🐈

Time codes

0:30 ​ - Who is Danijela
1:40 ​ - Why product managers have to do so many things on a daily basis
4:15 ​ - Can a Product manager succeed in IT without any technical background
5:03 ​ - Why Computer Science doesn’t entertain anthropologist
5:51 ​ - Engineering and trust
7:32 ​ - Magic between Product Managers and Engineers. How to build a strong relationship between PM and engineering team
10:04 ​ - Anecdote from Danijela about…no, better listen to this yourself
12:14 ​ - Data-driven balancing between Tech and Business
14:15 ​ - How to hack productivity
17:36 ​ - Online times. How to motivate your team online
19:15 ​ - Did we become more aggressive with shifting online
20:56 ​ - Pixel empathy. How to empathize with the screen
22:30 ​ - Why can’t our brain catch up with the speed of technical evolution
25:37 ​ - Why do we emulating the offline office culture in remote work? And what’s the price we will pay for this?
31:11 ​ - Cultural differences and similarities of European countries. The feeling of risk in different countries
35:14 ​ - Habitus and creativity in problem-solving
38:02 ​ - What are the main changes we should expect in the IT world