How to Build a Strong Product Design Team: Panel Discussion

24/06/2021 को प्रकाशित
We invite you to join our panel discussion with product design team managers and find out how they all invested in their teams to be strong and growing.

Some topics to be discussed:

🔘 Strong processes: discovery & strategy, planning, delivery
🔘 Strong culture and operations: metrics and cross-functionality
🔘 Strong connection: building camaraderie, alignment, courage and making impact visible
🔘 Strong career growth: create clear development paths and avenues to exercise new skills

✅ Bonus track: How to hire great UX professionals.

🎙️ Panelists:
👉 Umberto Abate [Head of Product Design, Wrike]
👉 Dominique Ward [Design Operations Leader, Atlassian]
👉 Valerie Karnes [Director of Product Design, GitLab Inc.]
👉 Vladimir Končar [Director of Design at]

🎙️ Host:
👉 Christopher Nosko, [Senior UX Writer , Wrike]


  • Dominique's insights are an absolute goldmine. So many problems and obstacles put into new perspectives. Such a great panel overall, thanks for that!