Allure Integration at Wrike

20/07/2021 को प्रकाशित
Sergey Potanin, QA Automation Team Lead at Wrike, shares Wrike’s experience about our integration with Allure and it's benefits.

0:13 Sergey’s introduction - 5 years at Wrike and video games
0:36 Allure and it’s features
0:48 Allure TestOps
1:09 Why we decided to use Allure TestOps
3:21 Two bad advice from Sergey
3:59 Code examples of our automated tests
5:16 The main view in Allure TestOps and scenario part
6:03 Code example and test annotation markup
7:02 Simplified version of the test automation process
7:20 What we can do to stabilize tests
9:03 Services that collect statistics and analyse unstable tests
9:30 How to exclude unstable tests from the report and stop running them
10:05 How to find the team that is responsible for the tests
12:16 Summarizing the benefits we’ve got after we started using Allure features and integrating them in our automation system

Other 10 mins of… videos:
Smoke Tests Suite Generation:
Test Markup in QA Automation:
Autotests Run Optimization with IDEA Plugin:
Onboarding for QA Automation Team: