Agile case studies roulette - 20 years of Agile

24/02/2021 को प्रकाशित
Join us and celebrate 20 years of Agile with our interactive game. 🎰

Our players will have to deal with random challenging situations (like “all of your frontend developers were hit by a bus, what you’re going to do”). You can look forward to various scrum approaches and ideas on how to solve the upcoming problems. 🤔

Also, you, the viewers, will vote for the best solution! 🤚

👉 Our players:
♣️ Ilya Shubik - VP of Engineering [Wrike]
♦️ Marián Kameništák - VP of Engineering [Mews]
♠️ Katia Tandon Rassadina - Scrum Master & Project Manager [Novartis Global]
♥️ Gil Goldman - Agile Engineering Manager [Socialbakers]

👉 The host:
🃏 Evgeny Kot - Director of Engineering [Wrike]

Join us and let's have some fun! 🤡


  • Hmm so 20 years of Agile and among the first responses of Marian were to: 1.Fire the senior dev 2.Jump ship himself at the first real issues? How disappointing. If I would have Marian in my company, I would stop listening to him.