A Year Without Sticky Notes: How Design Teams Switched to Remote Work

13/05/2021 को प्रकाशित
👨‍💻 What is it like to switch to remote work when the team used to work offline?
Join our live panel discussion and get to know how in-house teams and design agencies changed their work processes, habits, communications, and tools.

🎙️ Our panelists:
👉 Amal Tapalov [Senior Web Designer, Wrike]
👉 Peter Pilát, [Product Design Manager, ProductBoard]
👉 Martin Trčka [Product Design Manager, Avast]
👉Michal Panuška [UX/UI/Copy Chapter Lead, Komerční banka]

🎙️ Our host:
👉 Kate Pudanova, [Graphic Design Manager, Wrike]

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Time codes:
0:36 - Some info about Wrike TechClub and our activities
3:42 - Kate’s introduction
4:27 - Panelists’ introduction
8:10 - How it feels when you join the company right before the lockdown? Amal’s story about joining Wrike and overcoming 2020
15:38 - What were the speaker’s expectations from the remote work in March 2020?
25:10 - Martin’s story about the lockdown and working remotely
33:14 - What are the benefits and disadvantages of the remote work?
50:09 - Michal presents his story. How the design team in Komerční banka switched to remote work?
53:13 - How the future of design teams’ work will look like?
1:12:06 - Peter’s story. How the team at Productboard organised their work and what helped them to survive during covid times?
1:25:24 - How hiring and on-boarding process has changed because of switching to remote?
1:34:15 - Figma vs Miro and FigGam vs Miro. Will FigGam become more popular than Miro one day?
1:38:32 - Inspiring words from designers to designers